If you have clicked here, the chances are you’re already expecting twins or more. Congratulations! For some people this is great news, especially for couples who have gone through fertility treatment to conceive. For others finding out there is more than one on board can be a huge shock and in some cases a disaster! Don’t worry! You will cope and there is lots of support available.

As a club we offer antenatal emotional support in dealing with any extra complications that may arise with a twin pregnancy, tips for coping with early babies and plenty of advice to help you tackle feeding issues.  Please join our facebook site using the link at the bottom of this page and drop us an email if you have any issues being granted access.

We have equipment such as feeding cushions and double breast pumps we loan out. In addition to this, as a growing club there is always someone who has been in your situation and who can chat and share their experiences. 



There are several specialist options to choose from, but we also recommend attending any normal antenatal classes offered to you, particularly if these are your first children. If this is not your first pregnancy you should try to attend a class specifically for twins or more as there are significant differences in labour and birth options.

We also suggest that you insist on being booked for your classes by 30 weeks. A high number of multiple pregnancies end early and this means that sometimes mums don't manage to attend classes offered after this point.

Finally try not to be blinkered. Many people don't bother with classes as they are booked for a c-section. We can give you useful information about different options with Caesareans, and remember nothing is set in stone. Recently one of our mums was booked for a section, but she went into spontaneous labour and ended up having a vaginal birth, as there wasn't time for the surgery, she had identical girls after 2 hours labour! Forewarned is forearmed!

Daisy Foundation Antenatal Classes

Daisy Foundation offers a complete birth preparation and baby care workshop to get yourself prepared! Laura Brittain, your local Daisy Foundation representative is offering Twin club members a 10% discount off her workshops. Each workshop covers an in depth look at antenatal and active birth education, covering the complete labour journey, alongside breathing and relaxation techniques. 

Followed by an un-biased postnatal workshop covering education on parenting choices, safety, baby calming techniques & practical baby care with a twin focus. Daisy Parent Twin workshops inform you of all the choices so that you can confidently decide what is best for you and your babies. 

The workshop normally costs £180 which covers 4 x 3 hour sessions. Laura is offering Twin club members a 10% discount, reducing the cost down to £162. 

The next sessions will run on Friday’s, starting 2nd June. Email laura-brittain@thedaisyfoundation.com and she’ll be happy to talk you through in more detail how the workshops can benefit you.  If you are interested in other dates please contact Laura directly. 


ICSI Conception

With one in four IVF births still resulting in a multiple birth parents can find their lives changed dramatically when two non-identical twins suddenly arrive.

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Naming Twins

When naming your twins its important to choose names that have a sense of equality.

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What Are Your Top 3 Must-Have Twin Items?

I asked mums to tell me what their top three essential items were. Thanks to all the mums who replied – here’s what you said...

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What is a Doula?

The secret to an enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience.

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Fact sheets & articles

Here we have collected a few interesting articles and fact sheets.

Come back soon as we will be adding more articles!

If you are a member of our club, contact us for free copies of Tamba’s factsheets. The following titles are currently available:

  • Multiple Births Factsheet
  • Sleep and Multiple Birth Babies
  • Being a Father of Multiples
  • Multiples and Money Matters
  • Supporting Breastfeeding
  • Health Visitor's Guide to Twins, Triplets and More
  • Midwife's Guide to Twins, Triplets and More
  • Supporting Mothers Breastfeeding More Than On

Tamba members can download these directly from the website after logging into the members' area.