How will I cope?

By getting all the right advice and support you’ll cope. Come along to our antenatal day and find out exactly what support is available locally. We are really lucky in the south to have access to a wide range of family support services; you just need to ask for info. There are families the club with a wide range of experiences: 5 children or more, unexpected twin pregnancies, single parents, twins with special needs – both emotional and physical. The list is endless.  

Whatever your situation, you’re unlikely to be alone. Contact the club, if we can’t help you directly, we are bound to know someone that can

by email -

or our facebook page - Bournemouth and District Twin Club

What help can I get?

Again we advise coming along to an antenatal class to find out about different levels of help. This can range from services you pay for: doulas, nannies, childminders etc. to free support that you need to apply or qualify for: home assistance with domestic chores, family support workers, college students on work placements who can help you care for your babies etc. Our experience shows that the best help is that of the mutual support of other families with twins or more. That is why our club is so successful as people look out for each other and share info and advice.

Will I have to have a caesarean?


This is a can of worms and it does depend on individual circumstances though. However lots of mums have their twins vaginally, mostly in hospital, but some at home. We know mums who have had successful vaginal births after caesareans (VBAC) too. Sections are still major abdominal surgery and not to be taken lightly. You may plan a vaginal delivery and end up with a section, or in rare cases, the reverse can happen. Get along to one of the twin antenatal classes to find out more. Locally we have about a 50% section rate, which is in line with the national average.

Is it possible to breastfeed twins or more?

Absolutely. If you decide this is the option for you, we as a club will support you 100%. We can tell you about useful feeding products like the EZ-2 Nurse Twins Foam Breastfeeding Cushion and double electric breast pumps to make your life easier.

We highly recommend visiting and watching their ‘Bump to Breastfeeding’ film which has an excellent section on twins. We also show equipment and a clip from Tamba’s DVD expecting More than One at our antenatal class. The club has breast pumps which we loan out.

Can my babies sleep together?


It’s a matter of personal choice. You’ll probably find this stage won’t last very long though as they get bigger and need more space. You also need to be very careful with blankets and sleeping bags that they don’t smother each other. Why not come along to one of our daytime groups antenatally and ask the mums there what they did?

What type of buggy should I buy?

This will depend on your budget, lifestyle and the size of the boot of your car! The best place to get current info is from Tamba, they produce a buggy guide annually. We have limited copies available for you to borrow too. 

For information on second-hand triple and quad buggies please call Tamba on 0870 770 3305. Come along to one of our evening meetings (see events page) and ask the mums there.   You are also welcome to attend the Twin group prior to the arrival of your babies and fellow mummies will be happy to talk buggies with you!

We have spent many a night talking about the pros and cons of our chosen methods of transport!

How can I tell if my twins are identical or not?

By zygosity testing. There are 3 things to consider: if your twins have the same eye colour, hair colour and complexion and other people can’t tell them apart easily it is likely they are identical. This is true even if the hospital told you they were in separate sacs. 

Sometimes the sac separates early and it is not picked up at scans. There are numerous cases of hospitals telling parents their twins are not identical and genetic testing proving otherwise. It is also possible for boy, girl pairs to be identical, although this is incredibly rare. We have a great DVD, Multiples in The Womb which explain how this can occur. You can have a DNA test carried out. 

To find out more about zygosity testing contact the Multiple Births Foundation on 0208 383 3519 or visit .

The test is not routinely available on the NHS. Tamba members can also obtain zygosity tests at discounted rates from selected companies on their discount list.