Our mission statement


1. Helping expectant mums and their families to prepare for their labour, birth and new lives with their babies via antenatal classes and support groups.

2. Promoting breastfeeding and supporting mums in the early days and weeks following birth.

3. Providing families with a support network before & after birth via evening social meetings, day trips, daytime support groups.

4. Offering information and advice through our members’ experiences and affiliation with Tamba, the Twins and Multiple births association and BLISS, the premature baby charity.

5. Helping families find suitable equipment and resources for multiples through connections with specialist shops and facebook buying and selling page.

6. Making sure that no local families of multiples feel uninformed or isolated.


We hope you’ll find our website and Facebook group useful. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you fancy a twin chat!

If you have not had your facebook request approved please check your "others" folder as you may have missed a message from our admins.  Alternatively email us using the link below and we will get you connected to our sites.