• Club Started on 12th March by Val Smith who had undiagnosed Identical twin girls - Caroline & Louise at 37 weeks- 5lb 7oz & 5lb 4oz.


  • Val Barker took over as secretary


  • Anna Duburguet (now Anna Ward) took over as secretary.
  • First IVF triplets born in Kennedy, USA
  • First club Christmas party.
  • First sponsored walk round Poole Park raising £100 for Egnell breast pumps at Royal Victoria Hospital


  • First Outing on Wilts & Dorset double-decker bus to Paultons Park
  • First newsletter published in October
  • First BBQ
  • Ferndown Twins Club joined us in May
  • Most attended meeting in March with 26 people!


  • First of many parties at Townsend Community Centre


  • First toddler groups started in Parkstone St. John’s Church
  • First Car Boot Sale at Summerbee Junior School
  • First IVF twins due in the club.


  • Our 10th anniversary
  • First visit to the pantomime to see Snow White


  • Most attended meeting in November with 31!


  • 15th Anniversary


  • Highest attended meeting in March with 36.


  • 18th Anniversary
  • First of many twice-yearly nearly new sales at Annunciation Church Hall.


  • Gemini Toddler Group started by Sharon Hares using Moordown Health Clinic as a base.


  • Under 1s Club at Moordown Health Clinic started. Sunbeams Group formed after Gemini Club closed


  • Little Pears Group formed
  • Antenatal classes commenced at Poole Hospital.


  • 25th Anniversary
  • Little Pears closed in July


  • Nickie Johnston started Somerford daytime twin group with the help of the Children’s Centre
  • Jackie Sarafopolous and Amanda Catlin started Take Two toddler group at Boscombe Children’s Centre with the help of Suz-Anne Curtis
  • Anna Raisin took over production of newsletters
  • First Twins, Triplets or More week picnic at Christchurch Quay
  • Take Two and Bournemouth and District Twin Club merged and Boscombe and Somerford day time groups came under the club umbrella
  • A committee was formed to take the club forwards and Anna Ward stepped aside as secretary and was replaced by Anna Raisin
  • Piloting of our own parent craft/ antenatal day at Somerford in May


  • Louisa Peddle started producing antenatal packs for expectant mums
  • Somerford antenatal classes run 3 times a year
  • Membership at 70 with families from as far a field as Swanage and Lymington.


  • New committee to be formed in March
  • TAMBA’s 30th anniversary – we are in the Echo with our toddler birthday parties
  • New daytime groups started in Kinson by Susan Lee and by Octavia Morgana and Amanda Simmonds in Wimborne
  • Meeting with Head of Midwifery in Poole to improve antenatal care for those expecting multiples
  • A £45 charge was introduced for antenatal classes to cover costs and raise funds for the club
  • New Bournemouth and District Twin Club logo designed by Kevin Cowlard and team at Tandi.


  • New links established In Ringwood with local midwives, Southampton – St Mary’s Maternity Unit and Salisbury Hospital
  • Spring launch of our website www.bournemouthtwins.co.uk