If you have clicked here, you may already be home with your twins, or perhaps in the first few days or weeks of parenthood, looking for some support and/or advice.

Many newborn twins need to spend some vital time on neo-natal special care wards for a short duration and these are tough times for all parents. Don’t despair; you've come to the right place! What is more, if you live in our local area, we hope that this website will provide everything you need to know and we would be delighted if you would like to join our multiple families community!  

To join our Twin group is FREE!!! We rely solely on donations so please feel free to use the donate button at the bottom of this page to help support other twin families and to enable us to continue this group.  

We have a very Active couple of Facebook sites which you are welcome to join as long as you live within the BH postal code area and as long as you have twins/triplets or are currently expecting them.  

"Bournemouth and District Twin Club"   and    "Bmouth Twin Club Sale Site"      

If your request has not been accepted please check your "others" folder or send an email to bournemouthtwins@gmail.com

Please also see our "Whats on" tab to see when there are social meetings and support groups arranged.  



A Day In The Life Of Two Twin Families

As mum to 6-month-old twins, our day begins at around 7.30am. I get up, have a shower, wander downstairs and make coffee and toast, read the paper...Not?!!

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How Getting Out Kept Me Sane

I went on maternity leave from my teaching job wondering what on earth I’d do with all the time!

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Water Babies

Having them swimming under water before they were 12 weeks old was however, faster than even I had imagined!

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Being a Grandparent

Some people may be instinctive in their baby care but I certainly had a rude awakening when left for the first time by myself with these two very new little people.

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Choosing Childcare

Choosing childcare can be daunting and scary. There are so many options out there and so much conflicting advice.

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In this fascinating article, Sibusisiwe explains how her cultural roots have affected how she raises her girls.

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Nice Try Nico!!!

Dear Editor of Hello, the Sun, News of the World or whatever….

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Double Trouble Travel

You can do these things with twins, it is just a bit more cumbersome than travelling with just one baby and requires more planning.

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Questions on Breastfeeding

Questions new mothers ask

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Fact sheets & articles

Here we have collected a few interesting articles and fact sheets.

Please contact us for free copies of Tamba’s factsheets. The following titles are currently available:

  • Being a Father of Multiples
  • Dealing with Differences in Multiple Children
  • Development in Multiples
  • Enhancing Individuality
  • Family Relationships in Families with Multiples
  • Flying with Multiples
  • 'Good Enough' Parenting with Multiples in Mind
  • Managing Behaviour in Multiples
  • Multiples and Money Matters
  • Parenting Triplets or More - the toddler years
  • Play with Multiple Babies and Toddlers
  • Potty Training with Multiple Success
  • Travelling with Multiples
  • Weaning

Tamba members can download these directly from the website after logging into the members' area.