Support and Friendship for families - This organisation can give you a break by sending a volunteer over to help you with the children, clean, cook or simply listen to you when you’re having a bad day. What’s more this can be a regular thing you can rely on, not just a one off experience. Call 01202 574 877 or email them
Mums in the club have found this an invaluable service.

For babies born premature or sick - If yours come early like a lot of multiples do, make sure you have a copy of their Parent Information Guide. Call 0870 770 0337 or go to their website

Twin and Multiple Birth Association - Our club is affiliated to TAMBA, which has many services to offer families with twins or more. They have booklets, which offer advice on all aspects of expecting and raising multiples which you can borrow from our library. There is a helpline and message boards.

Multiple births foundation.